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If you search for your product or service in Google, MSN or Yahoo, can you find your web site in the first page of results? Can you find it at all?

To be effective on the Internet, you have to be seen. Promoting your website requires solutions adapted to your needs visibility.

Why optimize your website for Search Engine Traffic?
Everyday millions of people use search engines to find new products and services and everyday sales are made due to these searches.

  • 55% of all e-commerce transactions originate from Search Engine traffic (Jupiter Research).
  • 84% of Internet users use search engines to discover new websites.
  • It is widely recognized that Search Engine traffic converts more than any other medium, because surfers are actively searching for something.

ClicNet offers 2 ways of getting traffic from Search Engines

  1. Direct customer target with "Pay-per-click" campaign management ("sponsored listings")
    Looking for qualified, targeted sales prospects who know what they want to buy? ClicNet’s pay per click management service is what you are searching for.

    Our packages include:
    - Defining the objectives and the target audience for your campaign.
    - Selecting the keywords and develop advertisements.
    - Determining the landing pages which will give you the best conversion potential.
    - Measuring and analyze the results of the campaigns.
    - Optimizing campaigns through frequent testing.
  2. Organic SEO (Also called "natural listing") combine ongoing optimization of several factors which, when well done, generates unbelievable increases in traffic. This strategy deals with elements on the actual webpage, like keyword density, keyword placement and overall content within the site. Our SEO consultant will also create strategy to increase the number of links that lead to your website in order to increase its popularity.

    Our packages include:
    - Choosing keywords sought by Internet users that stick to your business objectives.
    - Optimizing your site so that it is among the first results for the words that represent you
    - Increasing the number of links that lead to your website in order to increase its popularity.
    - Measuring the impact of your search engine position on your traffic, sales, and conversion rates.

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